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HAITI EARTHQUAKE: Please send emergency aid to people with disabilities and those injured in Haiti today!

Humanity & Inclusion teams are providing rehabilitation care and delivering critical humanitarian aid following the 7.2-magnitude earthquake on August 14, 2021, in Haiti. Make a donation today.

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Humanity & Inclusion in Haiti

Our team has been in Haiti since 2008, responding to issues that arise from natural disasters, improving access to rehabilitation and supporting inclusion of people with disabilities in society.

Among the poorest countries in the world, Haiti is regularly affected by natural disasters that disproportionately affect people already living in vulnerable circumstances, including people with disabilities. Their most basic needs such as food, shelter, healthcare, and access to orthopedic-fitting equipment and safety, are not met.

Read our Haiti situation report (January 2020)

Areas of Intervention

In addition to responding to varies emergencies in Haiti, Humanity & Inclusion also focuses on development activities to help the country build the structures necessary to case-manage people with disabilities. Humanity & Inclusion's team of 45 staff works diligently to: 

  • Inclusion
  • Rehabilitation
  • Health and prevention of disabilities
  • Disaster preparedness

To address a local rehabilitation skills shortage, Humanity & Inclusion trains rehabilitation professionals who have not had formal training. The organization promotes access to quality rehabilitation services and provides organizational and technical support to health facilities.

Humanity & Inclusion's 48-person team implements projects to strengthen the preparedness and protection people with disabilities faced with the risk of natural disasters. The organization trains authorities, civil security personnel and project partners to ensure an inclusive response.

Teams also strengthen the employment opportunities of people with disabilities, working with training center personnel and employers to promote inclusive workplaces.

In order to improve road safety in Haiti, Humanity & Inclusion raises awareness of road hazards and promotes access to public transport for people with disabilities.

Humanity & Inclusion has also been working to limit the impact of Covid-19 by ensuring access to care, meeting basic needs and providing respiratory therapy to young children or psychosocial support to adults.


Our Past Work

Humanity & Inclusion has been implementing projects to promote a culture of dignity, access, and inclusion for ALL people with disabilities since 2008. Over time, we have evolved our work to meet the dynamic needs of communities where we serve.

Read on to learn more about our past work in Haiti and consider investing in our future.

Disaster Response

Humanity & Inclusion launched its first emergency response team to Haiti in 2010 following the earthquake. The organization’s emergency response teams are still active in Haiti through a project called the Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM), which was set up in partnership with UNICEF to manage the monitoring, alert systems and response to the natural disasters which regularly plague the country.

After Hurricane Matthew on October 4, 2016, which affected more than two million people, Humanity & Inclusion launched a new emergency response in aid of the people affected by the hurricane. 

Universal Design & Case-Management 

Humanity & Inclusion worked with construction professionals to ensure that new buildings and other structures are accessible to people with disabilities. Following the 2010 earthquake, the organization built more than 1,000 accessible homes for people with disabilities.

Child Protection

Humanity & Inclusion assisted civil society operators and ministry for Social Affairs to reform and establish child protection mechanisms for public institutions and organization, particularly around the rights and needs of children with disabilities.

Training Rehabilitation Professionals

In 2012, the organization transferred some of its physical rehabilitation operations to a local partner, Healing Hands for Haiti, which built a new orthopedic-fitting center in the capital. 

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