Responding to Hurricane Matthew

Haiti | Responding to Hurricane Matthew



Rehabilitation and Specific Needs

Working with individuals who were injured in the storm to help regain strength with rehabilitation. Providing special aid like crutches, wheelchairs, and walkers.


Organizing humanitarian aid deliveries by sea, providing NGOs working in isolated regions with their supplies so the aid can reach those who need it without delay.

Basic Needs

Distributing sheets and rope that families can use to build shelters, as well as cooking kits and water purification tablets. 

Psychosocial Support

Helping victims overcome their trauma, by providing one-on-one or group psychosocial support, and directing these individuals to other operators if they have other specific needs.

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Week of November 28

HI BLOG: 54 Tons of aid


Week of October 23

HI BLOG: Massive needs in Haiti


HI BLOG: Renewed flooding in Haiti causes deeper problems


Week of October 16

HI BLOG: HI Project Officer, Pauline Lavirotte: People in Haiti need immediate help

Handicap International Project Officer, Pauline Lavirotte, shares her concerns about the long-term impact of the disaster on already vulnerable populations in different parts of Haiti. 


Special shout out to our supporters: Thank you! We couldn't do it without your help.


VIDEO: Handicap International staffer, Benoit Almeras, gives an update on our work in Haiti. 

HI BLOG: Haiti Update: HI mobile team treat the injured


HI BLOG: Haiti Update: A day in the life of Handicap International’s team in Les Cayes


HI BLOG: HI Logistics Officer, Elie Codjia: "Using my expertise to help others"

Handicap International Logistics Office, Elie Codjia, explains why he wanted to work in the humanitarian sector and what he's doing in Haiti. Read more.


October 14

HI BLOG: Haiti Update: Delivering aid by sea


HI BLOG: Haiti Update: Stranded in Les Cayes


October 13 

October 12

[11am] Air cargo of humanitarian equipment is en route to Port-au-Prince from HI storage facility in Dubai–ETA: Wednesday night

HI BLOG: Haiti Update: Handicap International mobilizes team


HI BLOG: Haiti Update: “We’ve lost our home, our crops, everything”



October 11

HI BLOG: Haiti Update: “The entire city has been destroyed”


HI BLOG: Haiti Update: 1.4 million need immediate aid


October 10

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BBC news: Hurricane Matthew: 'Massive response' needed in Haiti, UN says


“Everyone around here has lost everything. The house where I used to live with my mother and two nephews has been destroyed. The corrugated roof was torn off and the walls collapsed. My uncle’s house and my cousin’s house were both destroyed by the hurricane. As far as I know, all of the houses around here were destroyed in the hurricane. Only four homes are still standing.

"We lost all of our cattle. All of our cows, pigs, goats and poultry. I don’t know how we are going to survive now that we have nothing left. I’ve never experienced a disaster like this. We are trying to recover the corrugated sheets and debris from houses to build shelters where we can spend the night.” Read more here.


“A strong wind was blowing here from 6 o’clock on Monday night. My house collapsed in the middle of the following night after the corrugated roof was torn off and water rushed into the house. I wanted to take refuge with one of my sons, but his house was destroyed too. When day broke, I realized that all of the houses in the area had been flattened. We’re eating the fruit we managed to save but in a few days we won’t have anything else to eat. And our cattle have been wiped out by the hurricane. Today we’re having to drink the river water because it’s cleaner than the well water.” Read more here.

October 9

[9am]–Al Jazeera says at least 13 people have died in Haiti after a cholera outbreak. 

October 8

PRESS: WTOP–Hurricane Matthew: How you can help

Thanks Care2, for including Handicap International in your "How to Help Hurricane Matthew Victims" story.

HI BLOG: Haiti Update: More than 750,000 need immediate aid



[8am]–BBC says Haiti death toll is nearing 900 and 90% of some areas are completely destroyed.


[7am]Images from Handicap International teams show Haiti battered post-Hurricane Matthew. More images here. 


October 7

[5pm]—BBC has shared shocking before and after photos from Jeremie, Haiti. (below)


HI BLOG: Haiti Update: More than 800 dead, extensive damage


HI BLOG: Haiti: Isolated populations in danger


October 6

PRESS: Center for International Disaster Information—How you can help

PRESS: CNN—How to help those affected by Hurricane Matthew

Haiti program director Gaelle Vandeputte talks with Luke Vargas at The World in Two. “Our worry is that this is going to make the most vulnerable people even more vulnerable over the long term,” she said.

[1pm] Hurricane Matthew death toll mounts; 350,000 Haitians need immediate assistance. Read more here.


October 5

PRESS: The Weather Channel—Hurricane Matthew: How You Can Help the People of Haiti

[4:30pm] Handicap International emergency response team briefs on the situation in Haiti. A team of eight prepares to join the rest of the team in Haiti tomorrow. Once they arrive, they will facilitate access to areas most affected by the storm. 

PRESS: Mashable—How to help Haiti rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

HI BLOG: Haiti: “Access to affected populations is our top priority” 


HI BLOG: Haiti: “People have lost their homes, crops, and livestock"


October 4

HI BLOG: Haiti: “Some people may have lost everything”


[2:45pm] Our team in Haiti will be bolstered by emergency logistics experts from headquarters later this week. Initial actions will include:

  • early rehabilitation support to people with storm-related injuries, and people with disabilities
  • essential needs support (shelter, basic items)
  • specific needs support (for people who have lost their mobility devices, for instance)
  • psychological support

HI BLOG: Haiti: Millions threatened by Hurricane Matthew 


HI BLOG: Haiti: Handicap International prepares to launch response as Matthew nears landfall



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Facts about our work in Haiti

  • 100-person team, plus emergency logistics experts
  • Provided immediate, and long-term response to Haiti's 2010 earthquake
  • Responded to hurricanes Isaac and Sandy in 2012
  • Launched Haiti operations in 2008