Haiti Relief: Three ways you can help


Nearly a month after Hurricane Matthew, conditions in Haiti remain extremely alarming. 2.1 million people have been affected and almost 13% of the country’s population still needs immediate assistance.

“We are working to supply immediate aid to survivors who have lost everything. Casualty numbers are high,” said Hélène Robin, head of Handicap International’s emergency programs. “Our teams in the field have two priorities: to provide them with immediate and appropriate care to make sure they do not die from their injuries or develop permanent disabilities, and to supply people affected with the equipment they need to build a shelter and prepare food.”

You can help Haiti stand tall. 

1. Donate to help Handicap International care for the most vulnerable

We are ensuring that no one is left on the sidelines when aid is available, and keeping a close eye on people with disabilities, chronic conditions, as well as older people. Donate to help emergency teams and supplies reach the most vulnerable.


2. Host a fundraiser to support the individuals most as risk

Gather friends and family and create your own Handicap International fundraiser to benefit people in Haiti. 

3. Stay up to date on Handicap International relief efforts and spread the word

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Handicap International has worked in Haiti since 2008. 

We are co-recipient of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize for our work to ban landmines, the 1996 Nansen Prize for our work with refugees, and the 2011 Hilton Humanitarian Prize, the world’s largest humanitarian prize, for our work in Haiti after the earthquake.