Humanity & Inclusion condemns the bombing of a school in Syria

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We became Humanity & Inclusion on 1/24/2018

Almost 30 people including 22 children were killed in an attack on a school in the northwest of Syria on Wednesday, October 26, according to UNICEF. 

“These attacks on a school are unacceptable,” says Jean-Pierre Delomier, director of humanitarian action at Handicap International. “Nothing can ever justify the bombing of civilians, particularly children. Handicap International is calling on all parties to the conflict in Syria to immediately end the use of explosive weapons in populated areas.”

Handicap International strongly condemns this attack and reminds all parties that any indiscriminate attack on civilians is a violation of international law. In Syria, explosive weapons are used on a massive scale in populated areas with an immediate and long-term impact on civilians, the main victims of these weapons.

Demand justice right now for the 22 children. Sign the petition to stop bombing civilians!