Celebrating 40 years of Humanity & Inclusion

Celebrating 40 years of Humanity & Inclusion

Join us in celebrating 40 years of inclusive humanitarian aid!

Our Nobel Prize-winning organization has been hard at work since 1982, helping millions of people through the hardest experiences of their lives and sparking big smiles on the other side. Thank you for celebrating with us. We wouldn't be here without you!


"40 years ago, with Dr. Claude Simonnot, we created HI to help 6,000 Cambodian refugees mutilated by mine explosions. But even today, receiving a 'new leg,' an orthopedic device, and being accompanied during rehabilitation is still a question of survival for each mine and cluster munition victim."
—Jean-Baptiste Richardier, co-founder of Humanity & Inclusion


In 1982, Gniep was one of those refugees who sought aid after being injured by a landmine at the border between Cambodia and Thailand. Today, she is a mother, nurse and advocate to ban landmines. Read her story.