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In India, Humanity & Inclusion continues to run programs under the operating name "Handicap International." 

Humanity & Inclusion in India 

In 1988, Humanity & Inclusion launched its first project and began building a permanent presence following the 2001 Gujarat earthquake.

India is prone to acute natural disasters and the most vulnerable populations are the most impacted by natural disasters, especially people with disabilities. The World Bank estimates that between 55 to 90 million Indians have some form of disability. 

Though India is an emerging world power with a flourishing economy, 30% of its population still lives below the poverty line and major economic and social disparities exist between its different states. People with disabilities face discrimination and exclusion from care systems. 

In India, Humanity & Inclusion aims to ensure disability issues are systematically taken into consideration in development actions especially in remote areas as well as in response to emergencies.

Our Current Work

Humanity & Inclusion employs nine national staff members and one expatriate to carry out its mission in India. The team works attentively to:

Humanitarian Assistance: Jammu & Kashmir

Humanity & Inclusion’s project in Jammu and Kashmir state has two primary goals:

  1. Improve the quality of life for people with disabilities through increased access to physical rehabilitation 
  2. Educate people living in conflict-impacted areas about the risks posed by landmines and other conventional weapons

In 2015, Humanity & Inclusion partnered with She Hope Society and Human Effort for Love and Peace (HELP) Foundation on community-based risk reduction education training. The partnership helps to:

  • Build the capacity of partners to provide rehabilitation and referral services to people with disabilities
  • Expand rehabilitation services in public facilities
  • Promote awareness and understanding on the part of the government and communities about respecting the rights and recognizing the needs of people with disabilities
  • Educate members of communities affected by weapons pollution about how to protect themselves through mass campaigns, workshops, and awareness material

Supporting the Rights of People with Disabilities 

Humanity & Inclusion aims to enhance the capacity of organization for people with disabilities to promote the rights of people with disabilities through evidence-based advocacy.

Our Past Work

Since 1988, Humanity & Inclusion continue to foster a culture of dignity, access, and inclusion for ALL people with disabilities and who are vulnerable in India. Since then, our work has evolved to meet the needs of the communities where we serve.  

Read on to learn more about our past work in India and consider investing in our future.

Database and Project Management

Humanity & Inclusion implemented this project in India to improve the quality of project management through the use of an open source software developed for French NGOs. 


[1] Report of the expert group to review the methodology for measurement of poverty, Government of India Planning Commission (June, 2014)


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