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Humanity & Inclusion in Jordan

Our team has been operating in Jordan since 2006, running several projects on disability rights.

Since the start of the crisis in Syria, Jordan has welcomed more than 715,000 Syrian, Iraqi, Somali, Sudanese, and Yemeni refugees, according to UNHCR. Many arrive having suffered from grievous injuries and mental trauma.

In April 2014, a survey conducted in Lebanon and Jordan by Humanity & Inclusion, working in collaboration with HelpAge International, found that 5.7% of refugees, more than 90,000 people, had serious injuries.

Moreover, in three out of four cases these injuries will lead to a permanent disability due to their severity and the lack of medical attention. Read the Hidden victims of the Syrian crisis report.

Our Current Work

As a result of the humanitarian crisis caused by the conflict in Syria, our organization has rolled out emergency projects for refugees and host populations. Our Jordan team of 60 national and two expatriate staff works diligently to: 


Humanity & Inclusion operates a rehabilitation center in North-West Jordan and helps hospitals and clinics care for injured refugees by supplying rehabilitation equipment and organizing physical therapy sessions for patients.

Ensure All Children Reach Their Full Potential

Humanity & Inclusion works directly with children with disabilities and their families in Zarqa and Jerash to ensure these children reach their full potential. 

The organization also promotes effective and sustainable early detection and early intervention practices at the national level by training service providers and consolidating current practices.

Supporting Refugees

To ensure that refugees with and without disabilities have access to services they need, Humanity & Inclusion works in close collaboration with the local and international organizations. 

Our fixed and mobile disability teams in Jordan help to ensure the support of refugees by:

  1. Identifying the most vulnerable refugees
  2. Connecting refugees with organizations and service providers able to meet their needs
  3. Monitoring the abilities of refugees to access emergency aid
  4. Distributing food, hygiene items and cash to the most vulnerable and displaced families

Empower All People Through Inclusion 

Humanity & Inclusion works to ensure that people with disabilities and their families enjoy better access to basic services, and that they are actively involved in the development of local policy. 

To empower all people, the organization trains and supports people with disabilities so that they are able to make their voices heard when decisions are being taken in their communities. 


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