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The Syria Crisis

As of October 2020, Jordan hosts more than 659,000 Syrian refugees fleeing conflict. Many arrive having suffered from grievous injuries and mental trauma. 

In April 2014, a survey conducted in Lebanon and Jordan by Humanity & Inclusion, working in collaboration with HelpAge International, found that 5.7% of refugees–more than 90,000 people–had serious injuries. Moreover, in three out of four cases these injuries will lead to a permanent disability due to their severity and the lack of medical attention. Read the Hidden victims of the Syrian crisis report.

Help Syrian refugees–including those with disabilities and injuries–today.


Humanity & Inclusion in Jordan

Humanity & Inclusion provides rehabilitation services to people with disabilities or those injured during the Syrian conflict who have fled to Jordan. Across the country, the organization promotes better recognition of the rights of people with disabilities. Currently, there are 68 staff members in Jordan.

Areas of Intervention

  • Inclusion of people with disabilities 
  • Relief for refugees 
  • Orthopedic fitting and rehabilitation
  • Fighting discrimination against people with disabilities 

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Our team has been operating in Jordan since 2006, running several projects on disability rights. Since the summer of 2012, Humanity & Inclusion has been working alongside Syrian refugees, people with disabilities and vulnerable people in Jordan.

The organization provides rehabilitation services, including physical therapy and orthopedic equipment services, to people with disabilities or injuries at a center in the refugee camp and in hospitals and clinics. The team also provides training to local staff. 

Humanity & Inclusion also has set up several permanent and mobile "disability and vulnerability" centers to ensure people receive the help they need, including rehabilitation, prosthetics, mobility aids such as crutches and wheelchairs, psychosocial support and assistance in accessing other forms of humanitarian aid.

To date, approximately 200,000 Syrian refugees living in Jordan have benefited from these initiatives.

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