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In Mali, Humanity & Inclusion continues to run programs under the operating name "Handicap International." 

Humanity & Inclusion in Mali

Our team has been implementing development activities in the south and north of Mali since 1993 to help advance the rights of people with disabilities.

Mali is one of the world’s least developed countries in terms of its socio-economic development. Out of a total population of 17.3 million, 43.6% live in poverty, people with disabilities representing some of the most vulnerable among them. 

People with disabilities are seen as an excluded group and are often the victims of discrimination, with little to no access to healthcare, education, social services, and employment.

Our Current Work

In addition to addressing the needs that emerged from the ongoing drought in the Sahel region and the 2012 Mali conflict, Humanity & Inclusion’s team of 137 staff in Mali works diligently to:

Risk Education and Victim Assistance

Humanity & Inclusion organized risk education sessions to teach civilians to identify and avoid contact with dangerous weapons and explosive devices. 

Our demining experts were also active in the region in the immediate wake of the conflict, working to clear explosive remnants of war, which posed a threat to the general population and especially to children.

Mother and Child Health

Humanity & Inclusion works with several partners in the Timbuktu region to provide medical personnel with training in the early detection of disability in efforts to improve the provision of healthcare to mothers and children.

Humanity & Inclusion also works in Mali to:

  1. Combat food insecurity and malnutrition in young children
  2. Support women's groups engaged in peace and reconciliation initiatives
  3. Advocate for inclusive education to ensure children with disabilities have full access to schools


Humanity & Inclusion works to identify individuals and families with disabilities or injuries who need special assistance. The organization’s staff provide equipment and training to two regional orthopedic-fitting and rehabilitation centers and cover victims' rehabilitation expenses in our efforts to reduce the physical and social effects of disabilities caused by explosive remnants of war.

Psychological Support

Humanity & Inclusion provides psychological support to help the most vulnerable people collectively identify the resources they need to overcome their difficulties. 

The organization also provides an opportunity to express feelings and exchange experiences through organized group sessions.

Food and Agricultural Aid Distribution

The organization has run development projects in the north of the country to enable the distribution of food and agricultural items like seeds to people who needed them most. Money transfers and food coupons are also used to help beneficiaries procure food.


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