handicap international demining Laos

Weapons Clearance

Humanitarian mine clearance is the only way that threatened populations can return to living a normal life. Humanity & Inclusion intervenes directly or supports local teams that carry out technical surveys, produce mine location maps, delimit and mark minefields, destroy mines and prepare the land for use.

The selection of areas to be cleared is always decided in collaboration with the local authorities. The priority is on areas that play an important role in the daily lives of local communities (e.g., paths near schools or wells). The area is searched inch by inch to locate, identify and destroy all devices.

Our teams also rely on mechanical methods, mainly to prepare the ground for clearance. Using a machine improves efficiency and helps to guarantee the safety of our teams.

After the ground and the local infrastructure have been cleared, people can return to their homes and rebuild their social and working lives, without fear of being blown up by a hidden device.