Humanity & Inclusion’s goal in Morocco is to promote the social inclusion of the most vulnerable people and to improve their living conditions by advancing their rights and ensuring their needs are taken into account. The organization currently employs 12 national staff and two expatriates for Morocco-based programs, and two national staff and six expatriate staff for the Maghreb regional program coordination.


Humanity & Inclusion performed an exploratory mission in Morocco in 1993 at the request of the Moroccan Ministry of Public Health. In 1996, the organization launched a training project for orthopedic technicians, and a support project to improve rehabilitation services. Though Morocco’s transition towards democracy has gained considerable momentum since 2011, much progress towards equality for people with disabilities has yet to be made. One major victory that came out of the Arab Spring was a constitutional reform that now includes protections against discrimination on the basis of disability. According to a National Disability Survey, one in four households is affected by disability.


Political Inclusion

On a national level, the organization encourages political involvement from people with disabilities through the Go To The Vote project. The program works with local disabled people's organizations, electoral commissions, and political parties to change the perception of disability, promote the accessibility of people with disabilities to elections, and ensure that disability is taken into account in electoral programs.

Accessibility in Public Spaces

In the city of Tetouan, Humanity & Inclusion works to improve physical accessibility in compliance with the CRPD (Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities). By improving accessibility, people with disabilities will find it easier to move around and access services in the city. The project will further reduce the exclusion felt by disabled people and improve their living conditions. 

Supporting Disable People's Organizations (DPOs)

Over the last decade, the number of organizations working in aid of people with disabilities has increased dramatically in Morocco. Humanity & Inclusion builds the capacities of these organizations to ensure they are better able to take into account the needs of people with disabilities.

Social, Economic, and Educational Inclusion

In the city of Salé and region of Souss-Massa-Drâa, Humanity & Inclusion promotes the access of adults and children with disabilities to local educational, health, vocational, and administration systems. In Salé, awareness campaigns target the general public on inclusive education and sponsored debates and events on child education continue to directly benefit 297 children with disabilities and their families. In Souss-Massa-Drâa, technical support to paramedical professionals and the development of provincial disability committees promote the the full and equal inclusion of people with disabilities in all facets of Moroccan society. Organizations in the region also receive guidance on setting up support and career advisory services for people with disabilities.


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