Humanity- -Inclusion's-logistics-staff-unloads-pallets-of-humanitarian-aid-including-mobility-devices

Providing emergency aid to the victims of Cyclone Idai

Cyclone Idai struck Mozambique on March 14, killing more than 840 people, injuring more than 1,500, and leaving nearly two million in need of humanitarian assistance. One month later and the waters have started to recede, but Mozambicans continue to face exceptional challenges.

Cholera epidemic

As of April 10, more than 4,979 cases of cholera have been reported. To help minimize the risk of spreading, Humanity & Inclusion will distribute hygiene kits, which include basic items such as hand and laundry soaps, to 8,000 families. 

Food crisis

During the storm, torrential rains submerged nearly two million acres of fields just weeks before harvest season. Now, more than a million people are facing imminent food shortages. In response, Humanity & Inclusion will distribute World Food Program (WFP) stocks of essential food such as rice, vegetable oil, and beans to 12,000 families over the next three months.

Improving humanitarian access

Emergency logistics colleagues are reinforcing capacity and working to open access points to rural areas shut off from humanitarian aid. For example, our team is coordinating debris removal from roads in the Mahavana area, which has received little to no support with clearance since the cyclone.

Supporting the most vulnerable

Humanity & Inclusion has 40 staff in the country, with a growing team in Beira. Our staff members are extremely concerned for the welfare of people–especially those with disabilities, older people, and vulnerable individuals–who have not yet been reached. Read our latest update.

Help ensure aid reaches people with disabilities, injuries, and vulnerable victims of this disaster.