A map shows the approaching storm of Cyclone Kenneth
Mozambique Emergency

Second Major Cyclone Strikes Coast

Mozambique is still reeling from the devastating impact of Cyclone Idai six weeks ago, but has not been spared from further disaster. Cyclone Kenneth struck the north of the country on Thursday April 25.

Extent of the damage not yet known

Cyclone Kenneth struck the coast with wind speeds of 140 mph, which thankfully died down over land. Torrential rain drenched the north-eastern coast of Mozambique on Thursday evening. Accurate reports of the damage are not yet available, but Humanity & Inclusion’s emergency response experts plan to visit the area to conduct an evaluation. Humanity & Inclusion’s emergency teams are currently deployed in Beira (central Mozambique), helping vulnerable victims of Cyclone Idai.

“We are alarmed by the first reports coming from the region," says Marco Tamburro, Humanity & Inclusion Program Director in Mozambique. "In recent weeks we have seen the extreme difficulties faced by Cyclone Idai's victims, who lost their homes, belongings, and crops. It is upsetting that there may be many more people in need in a country with limited means to respond.”

Forecast: Heavy rains and flooding

The storm system is expected to remain in the region for several days, causing continued heavy rain and creating a serious risk of major flooding. Flood waters may destroy vast areas of agricultural land at a time when the country is extremely weak in terms of food production.


Humanity & Inclusion in Mozambique

Humanity & Inclusion has been working in Mozambique since 1986, and is best known there for our work helping victims of landmines and other explosive ordnance left from the country’s civil war. We ran a large demining operation that wrapped up when the country declared itself mine free in 2015. Most recently, staff work to promote the rights and social participation of people with disabilities, support civil society to improve the social inclusion of people with disabilities, and prevent the development of disabilities. 

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Photo credit: NOAA
Photo description: Tropical Cyclone Kenneth is shown over a map of Southeastern Africa on April 23, 2019, two days before it made landfall