Two rehabilitation specialists help two patients through physical therapy exercises in Haiti

Rehabilitation care critical for earthquake survivors

In Haiti, Humanity & Inclusion and its partners are providing rehabilitation care to people injured in the August earthquake. Some patients are healing from broken bones, while others are recovering from amputations.

Specialized rehabilitation for earthquake-related injuries and long-term physical therapy are critical to ensure full recovery and prevent future complications. Many of Humanity & Inclusion's disaster response efforts in Haiti are supported by USAID. Below are photos of some of the patients receiving care from Humanity & Inclusion and its partners.


Charles, 17, fractured his right arm during the earthquake. Here, he is examined at a mobile rehabilitation clinic. 



Jonas, 33, had his right leg amputated after sustaining a serious injury during the earthquake.



Villereson, 14, broke his left foot and right arm during the earthquake. Here, accompanied by his mother, he participates in his 12th physical therapy session.



Humanity & Inclusion staff examine a woman's hand at a rehabilitation clinic in Les Cayes.



Dieujuste, 26, had his right leg amputated after he was injured when a building collapsed during the earthquake. Here, he participates in a mobile rehabilitation clinic with a specialist from FONTEN, a rehabilitation center that partners with Humanity & Inclusion.


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