HI staff register people at an emergency supply distribution in Pakistan

‘The floods destroyed all of our belongings’

Humanity & Inclusion provides 2,000 emergency supply kits to the families affected by flooding in Pakistan.

Humanity & Inclusion has distributed 1,000 food packs and 1,000 kits of essential supplies to families affected by dramatic flooding in Nowshera and Charsadda, Pakistan. So far, distributions have reached more than 1,500 families—approximately 15,500 people. Humanity & Inclusion will continue kit distributions, and is exploring possibilities to expand its flood response with additional services.

“All of our homes were submerged in floodwaters, and we barely escaped with our lives,” says one resident of Dhobi Ghat. “After the flood caused havoc, Humanity & inclusion came to our region to examine the needs and has now returned with supply kits.”

Humanity & Inclusion is present in the northern (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province) Pakistan, much of which was impacted by the ongoing disaster. In collaboration with partners, Humanity & Inclusion’s teams quickly began assessing needs in six affected districts of the province and found that the affected communities were in urgent need of food, water, hygiene, sanitation and shelter, as well as health and protection services.

Delivering inclusive aid

Humanity & Inclusion works closely with families that include older people, single mothers and people living with disabilities, who are often disproportionately affected by disaster and simultaneously excluded from response efforts.

“My family was badly affected due to the recent floods,” says Imran Ullah (pictured below), who is living with a physical disability in Tarnab. “Humanity & Inclusion has now provided us with a food pack, and I am thankful to their team for this much needed support.”


“The floods destroyed all of our belongings,” says Perveen Bibi from Nowshera. “We had lost everything. Now I have flour, lentils, sugar, ghee and other items. We thank Humanity & Inclusion for visiting our village and standing with us in this difficult time.”

Each food pack consists of 88 pounds of flour, 22 pounds of rice, 11 pounds each of of ghee, lentils and sugar, 2 pounds of black tea, salt and cookies. Supply kits of non-food items include cooking supplies, blankets, gas containers, wash buckets and other daily use materials.

33 million people impacted

Starting in June 2022, torrential monsoon rains caused the worst flooding in Pakistan's recent history, with 33 million people affected in 84 districts. One-third of the country was underwater.  Approximately 1,700 deaths have been reported, and over 2,900 people have been injured. Widespread destruction includes damage to more than 1.3 million houses, 8,000 miles of roadways, and over a million livestock lost.