A man on crutches walks through a fire-damaged refugee camp in Bangladesh

Response ongoing after fire at Rohingya refugee camp

Humanity & Inclusion teams continue to assist victims of the fire that broke out in Cox's Bazar, a Rohingya refugee camp, on March 22.

The blaze at the camp in Bangladesh affected more than 40,000 people, injured more than 550 people and killed at least 15 individuals. Humanity & Inclusion, which has been working in Rohingya refugee camps since 2013, assessed the needs of victims and launched an emergency response immediately. Read about our response in the first 48 hours after the fire.

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Over the last few weeks, more than 1,700 people traumatized by the disaster received psychosocial support from Humanity & Inclusion through individual and group sessions. The teams have also distributed more than 3,000 supply kits with hygiene and cooking items to people in need. Many Rohingya refugees also received physical therapy and replacements for crutches, walkers and other mobility aids burned in the fire. Affected people have also been informed about available services, especially concerning protection for children and isolated women.

Humanity & Inclusion's logistic teams are assisting partner organizations with transport of humanitarian aid supplies. Since the disaster, Humanity & Inclusion has delivered more than 34,000 hot meals to refugees in the camp.

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