Staff in Colombia participate in a demining training

Demining team trains in preparation of 2021

Ravaged by 50 years of armed conflict, Colombia is the world’s second-most densely mined country, just behind Afghanistan. Mines and explosive remnants of war contaminate land in 31 of Colombia's 32 regions.

In May 2016, the Colombian government granted Humanity & Inclusion full authorization—one of two organizations with this status—to conduct mine clearance operations in three of the country’s regions, as part of the new peace agreements between the government and Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC). Since then, Humanity & Inclusion launched a mine clearance operation, with a specific focus on indigenous land, in the regions of Cauca, Meta, and Caquetá. 

Members of Humanity & Inclusion's demining team serving the Meta communities recently underwent an operational training so they can return recharged in 2021. Thanks to the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Embassy in Colombia and individual donors all over the world for protecting paths of civilians. Are you interested in supporting Humanity & Inclusion's work to clear weapons? Donate today.

Check out these photos of the demining and first aid training exercises in Colombia:













Are you interested in supporting Humanity & Inclusion's work to clear weapons? Donate today.

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