A group of Haitian women sit around a bright green table while a woman wearing a white HI t-shirt writes on a dry erase board during a physical therapy training in Haiti

HI trains physical therapists in emergency rehabilitation

The Humanity & Inclusion emergency response team has begun the training process for physical therapists who will be reinforcing local hospitals and a rehabilitation center in Les Cayes, Haiti.

Our experts are working with seven physical therapists and one physical therapy assistant who have already received all of the appropriate training to respond to routine rehabilitation needs. Most of the specialists have participated in past trainings conducted by Humanity & Inclusion.

Deliver emergency aid to Haiti

In response to the earthquake that struck southern Haiti on August 14, the training sessions will focus on working in an emergency context. Training is ongoing this week as the physical therapists simultaneously treat injured patients in local medical facilities. Read about Guetchly-Nise, one of the trained physical therapists.

Among others, the training objectives include:

  • Implementing a functional approach and reinforcing capacity of medical facilities
  • Identifying, using and adjusting technical and mobility aids according to their availability and application
  • Prioritizing urgent care in an emergency context and identifying red flags to prevent harm and complications
  • Implementing best practices and sharing expertise
  • Practicing psychological first aid for patients in need of immediate mental health support

At the end of the training, participants will be able to quickly identify and care for at-risk patients, while preventing complications or any long-term damage, and ensuring that patients are aware of the appropriate next steps in their healing process.

These concepts are set in place via theoretical discussion, case studies and interactive activities alongside the daily work of reinforcing medical teams in three different facilities in Les Cayes. Humanity & Inclusion’s emergency rehabilitation specialists are working alongside the team to start with hopes that the physical therapists will soon be autonomous in their emergency response and will develop long-term rehabilitation support in the community.

Image: Virginie Duclos, emergency rehabilitation manager for Humanity & Inclusion, leads a rehabilitation training session for physical therapists in Haiti. Copyright: Rawley Crews/HI

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