Providing psychological support to migrants in Colombia

Since 2013, Venezuela has been facing a severe economic, political, and social crisis. Access to health care, sanitation, and food is scarce and humanitarian needs are massive. More than 3 million Venezuelans have fled the country and are taking refuge in other Latin America countries and the Caribbean. Among them, more than a million people are in Colombia.


Psychological support in Maicao

Humanity & Inclusion is providing psychological support activities for migrants in the transit center of Maicao, on the Venezuelan border.

Basic services & social interaction in Medellín

In Medellín, Colombia's second largest city, our team is providing psychological support to more than 1,000 Venezuelan people. In collaboration with the Medellín City Council, we're ensuring that people have access to basic services such as health care. We are also organizing sports and other cultural activities to help strengthen social cohesion and socio-cultural integration of migrants in Medellín.

Rehabilitation care in La Guajira

In November 2018, Humanity & Inclusion assessed the needs of migrants in La Guajira, an entry point in northern Colombia, in collaboration with the Danish Refugee Council (DRC).

In collaboration with DRC and Pastoral Social (Caritas Colombia), Humanity & Inclusion plans to provide rehabilitation care for the most vulnerable—people with disabilities, older people, etc.—technical support (training, etc.) to local rehabilitation organizations, and organize social cohesion activities between Colombians and Venezuelans to promote a peaceful understanding between the different communities. 

Humanity & Inclusion in Colombia

Working in Colombia since 1998, Humanity & Inclusion promotes the full participation in Colombian society of people with disabilities, including victims of internal armed conflict, and their families. We also ensure that disability issues are taken into account in public policies. Since 2016, Humanity & Inclusion has extended its field interventions to include the prevention of accidents caused by landmines, and the clearance, through demining of affected areas. Learn more about our work in Colombia.