A woman and four children stand outside a home in northern Mozambique

As violence hits northern districts, humanitarian needs rise

Displaced by recent fighting in Palma, families are in urgent need of access to water, food and shelter. Humanity & Inclusion’s teams are assisting pregnant women, older people, people with disabilities, children and vulnerable populations.

Approximately 3,000 people have been displaced following attacks by armed groups on the town of Palma in northern Mozambique since March 24. 

“Many people are terrified by the attacks and have gone into hiding, without access to food or water," says Marco Tamburro, Humanity & Inclusions program director in Mozambique. “Humanitarian response to the crisis must take into account the most vulnerable and ensure no one is left behind. The aid effort should guarantee vulnerable people, such as people with disabilities and older people, receive the support they desperately need.”

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Humanity & Inclusion just completed a needs assessment in two Cabo Delgado districts that are heavily affected by movement of displaced people. 

People with disabilities often have difficulty accessing humanitarian aid. Humanity & Inclusion is setting up a disability working group in Pemba with two local organizations, FAMOD and AIFO. This group will monitor displaced people, identify people with disabilities from Palma, determine their needs and ensure they are included in the emergency response.

Since 2017, a total of 670,000 people have fled violence in the region.

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Image: A refugee family stand outside a home in northern Mozambique. Copyright: HI