Two treatment tables and other equipment are shown in a room at Humanity and Inclusions new rehabilitation unit in Yemen

Humanity & Inclusion builds new rehabilitation unit

Humanity & Inclusion has built a new rehabilitation unit in Sana’a, North Yemen, where patients will have access to specific rehabilitation equipment such as treatment tables, shoulder wheels and exercise bikes.

Yemen has been torn apart by five years of conflict. Before the conflict, rehabilitation services were already deeply insufficient. Now, these needs have skyrocketed with half of the country's medical infrastructures unable to operate.

Humanity & Inclusion's new rehabilitation unit at the Al Kuwait hospital, one of the main hospitals in Sana’a, will enable patients to receive the high-quality medical support they need before being discharged. The rehabilitation unit will be run by one physical therapist and three assistants trained by Humanity & Inclusion.

This project is possible thanks to the support of the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway and Luxembourg.

Who will benefit from the new rehabilitation unit?

300 patients are expected to benefit from the new facility every month.  This will include inpatients from every hospital department such as orthopedic, neurological and surgical departments as well as outpatients.

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The injuries of the patients who will be treated at this unit will vary from those caused by traffic accidents to those caused by airstrikes or explosive devices arising from the ongoing conflict. Patients may also receive rehabilitation support if they experience chronic diseases or have disabilities. Other NGOs will refer patients to Humanity & Inclusion’s unit if they are on a list to receive prosthetics or orthotics.

Why is the rehabilitation unit so vital?

Al Kuwait hospital is the third largest public hospital in the capital with a capacity of around 300 beds. Patients who are admitted to this hospital travel from different regions within an average radius of 125 miles. 

Rehabilitation work in Yemen

  • Humanity & Inclusion’s team operates in nine health facilities across Sana’a, Aden and Mokha and has supported 30,000 beneficiaries since its operations started in late 2015.
  • 34,000 mobility aids have been distributed since 2015, including equipment such as crutches, wheelchairs, walking sticks/canes, walkers, etc.
  • Almost 500 people have been provided with prosthetics or orthotics.
  • Humanity & Inclusion has helped train nearly 900 medical professionals.

Adapting to Covid-19

Humanity & Inclusion has adapted its activities in Yemen in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. For example:

  • Humanity & Inclusion has provided staff and patients with hygiene kits and personal protective equipment.
  • The team has also worked to set up information sessions for the most vulnerable populations to highlight the risks and raise awareness of the pandemic.
  • A telephone line has been set up to allow staff to continue monitoring patients and their families remotely.
  • Humanity & Inclusion has followed more than 200 patients with Covid-19, identifying their needs, and referring them to the appropriate services.

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Image: Two treatment tables and other equipment are shown in a room at Humanity & Inclusion's new rehabilitation unit in Yemen. Copyright: HI