NGOs call for an immediate cessation of hostilities and full humanitarian access in Yemen

Five NGOs, all operating in Yemen, are calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities across Yemen, including in Sana'a. The NGOs ask parties to the conflict to allow full and unfettered humanitarian access to people in need and to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian goods.

The capital of Yemen, Sana'a, has been under violent clashes and airstrikes for five days, leaving thousands of people in fear, trapped in their homes and without any possibility to access humanitarian assistance. Dozens of deaths and injuries have been reported. Humanitarian staff and personnel are locked down, with no possibility to provide lifesaving care and essential support. Every hour, the situation is deteriorating. Civilians are primarily bearing the cost of the conflict.

We call on all parties to the conflict to immediately:

  • Cease all hostilities and stop using explosive weapons in populated areas in Sana'a and throughout the country
  • Abide by their obligations under IHL, and ensure full protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure
  • Allow full and unfettered humanitarian access and facilitate the movement of humanitarian workers to ensure and resume humanitarian relief in Sana'a and across the country

As the UN Security Council is meeting on Tuesday Dec. 5, to discuss the situation in Yemen, we ask its members, in particular France, the US, UK, Russia and China to publicly support the above call, and to use their diplomatic influence to enable this man-made conflict to stop.

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