HI staff distribute aid to people in the Philippines after Nock Ten

Philippines: Assisting victims of Typhoon Nock-Ten

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Typhoon Nock-Ten struck 15 provinces in the Philippines on December 25, 2016 affecting more than 1.5 million people and destroying more than 124,000 homes. Approximately 316,000 individuals were displaced to evacuation centers.

Many of those affected by the typhoon are now homeless and no longer have access to drinking water and sanitary facilities. Handicap International–with support from Start Fund–is providing assistance to more than 1,200 people–including individuals with disabilities and pregnant women–who have been affected by the disaster in the communes of San Andres and San Miguel.

Handicap International distributed hygiene kits containing soap, toothpaste, and shampoo for washing and easy transportation of drinking water. We have also supplied rope and plastic sheets to repair damaged homes. We are preparing to distribute 1,500 additional hygiene kits and are identifying the needs of people who are yet to receive aid, making sure no one is left behind.