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Volcano eruption: Humanity & Inclusion assesses the needs of those affected

Center dunes and burnt trees, the Taal volcano eruption on January 12 left a desolate landscape on Taal Island. Alert level 4 is still in effect: a new eruption could occur in the hours or days to come.

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Residents of the island and neighboring areas, threatened by the volcano, had to evacuate. According to the Ministry of Social Protection and Development, more than 71,000 families (more than 280,000 people) have been affected. Among them, more than 39,000 families are temporarily sheltered in more than 490 evacuation centers.

Humanity & Inclusion’s team in the Philippines is assessing the needs of populations affected by the volcanic eruption in the Batangas and Cavite areas. According to our staff, people with disabilities and vulnerable individuals have not gone to the evacuation centers and are staying with relatives or friends. They therefore do not have access to basic services—access to health infrastructure, drinking water, food, etc.

The damage caused by the Taal volcano (soils buried by ash, smoke clouds) is likely to be long-lasting and to have a significant impact on agricultural land, livestock (many animals were killed), the access to drinking water and air quality.

Humanity & Inclusion is continuing the needs assessment and is considering an emergency response for the victims of the disaster.