Aftermath of the torrential rains following Typhoon Manghkut in Luzon northern end of the Philippines 2

Philippines: protecting victims of Typhoon Mangkhut

Humanuty & Inclusion’s teams are preparing to set out for the northern Philippines, where they plan to assist people affected by Mangkhut. The super typhoon, which made landfall on Sept. 14, has already claimed its first victims.


"8 million people could be affected"

Reiza Dejito, director of Humanity & Inclusions Philippines office, is deeply concerned about the welfare of the people affected by typhoon Ompong, the local name for Mangkhut. “Landslides triggered by violent winds and torrential rain have already killed three people," she says. "The damage is more extensive than expected, and many areas have been affected. There is likely to be an increase in the number of casualties in the hours to come, once the wind has abated and rescue teams have a clearer picture of the situation.

"Apart from physical injuries, there’s also a risk of serious crop damage. We’re worried about the poorest people, who are likely to need emergency assistance to meet their basic needs.” These groups include thousands of evacuees who are waiting to return home and who may have lost everything.

Emergency team heading north

"My teams will start out tonight for the north to assess the damage and supply emergency assistance to the most vulnerable people, who are worst affected by this kind of disaster.

"For the moment, we’re unable to contact people in areas where communications have taken a hit. Lots of roads are still blocked and winds remain high.”

Emergency specialists will fly out from Europe on Saturday (Sept 15) to bolster Humanity & Inclusion's existing teams in the Philippines.

Humanity & Inclusion already has hygiene kits at the ready for at least 2,000 households if it's required. In partnership with government officials, local authorities, and other humanitarian organizations working in the field, HI is also preparing to assess the population’s needs for essential items and protection.