Philippines: Response to deadly typhoon

Handicap International's emergency team is setting up an assessment mission to determine the specific needs of the population in Cagavan.

Cagavan is a harbor in the north of Mindanao Island, which was severely hit by the floods caused by Typhoon Washi. On Friday, Dec. 16, the typhoon hit the south of the Philippines, killing at least 800 people and forcing more than 100,000 to flee their homes. Public authorities, international organizations and NGOs are working together to provide emergency support to the affected population.

Meanwhile, we have begun distributing emergency stockpiles (emergency shelter kits, wash kits, protection kits) to around 160 families at this stage.

Handicap International is coordinating its response with other NGOs. The association has a deep knowledge of the country, acquired through previous emergency interventions, as well as several development programs run there since 1988.

This helps to ensure that fast and efficient actions will save lives and mitigate further humanitarian consequences of the disaster.