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Humanity & Inclusion in Rwanda

Our Humanity & Inclusion team in Rwanda aims to support the policies and initiatives of public authorities and civil society to advance the rights of vulnerable people, particularly people with disabilities.

Rwanda was seriously affected by the genocide in 1994 which left more than 800,000 people dead and many with disabilities and trauma. More than twenty years later, many individuals still have extreme mental trauma as well as physical disabilities. 

Despite the economic growth and the recent development of basic services, one necessity remains: the protection and social inclusion of people with disabilities and vulnerable people.

Our Current Work

Humanity & Inclusion’s continues to address needs that emerged from the genocide in 1994. The organization's Rwanda team of 123 staff works diligently to:

Epilepsy Prevention and Care

Humanity & Inclusion enables people with epilepsy to access quality health care and live inclusive lives within their families and communities. 

It also aims to raise awareness in the general Rwandan population about the condition to dispel stigma and encourage those with epilepsy or their guardians to seek appropriate health care.

Inclusive Livelihoods

Humanity & Inclusion fosters the full integration of people with disabilities into civil society. Through this project, our teams will help strengthen the capacity of disability organizations of Rwanda to promote social and economic rights of people with disabilities. 

Mental Health Support and Violence Prevention

Humanity & Inclusion supports people with disabilities who are experiencing psychological disorders after suffering violence. The organization works to strengthen community-based approaches to mental health care to better support Rwandans suffering from psychological trauma.

To work towards prevention of gender-based violence, Humanity & Inclusion does local and national advocacy to add mental health and sexual violence issues to the political agenda.

Ensure All Children Have Access to Education

Humanity & Inclusion supports the efforts of the Ministry of Education to develop its educational system so that it provides all children with an inclusive learning environment.

Community-Based Rehabilitation

To promote the inclusion of people with disabilities, Humanity & Inclusion helps the government implement rehabilitation policies and trains health professionals and community health workers in disability issues. 

The organization also provides financial and technical support to the College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS) so it can provide the necessary training.

Support Organizations for People with Disabilities

Humanity & Inclusion offers support to Organizations for People with Disabilities (OPDs or DPOs), providing them with technical and financial assistance enabling them to pursue actions to promote the rights and civic participation of people with disabilities.

Provide Quality and Accessible Rehabilitation

Humanity & Inclusion ensures that quality rehabilitation is accessible to all by providing support to the Rwanda Occupational Therapy Association and by helping improve the quality of training for occupational therapists.


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