Social Inclusion

Since its founding in 1982, Humanity & Inclusion has worked to empower people with disabilities to assume a full, social role within their families and communities. With its very first project—providing rehabilitation and prosthetic limbs to Cambodia landmine victims—the organization facilitated the social inclusion of disabled landmine survivors through group sports and games in the refugee camps.

To encourage the personal and social development of people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups, Humanity & Inclusion works to re-establish, revitalize, and foster social ties, and to improve access to social services, as well as cultural activities and sports. Staff and volunteers work with family members, school administrators, community members, and local leaders to ensure they understand the importance of including people with disabilities in activities and decision making. We also work with local government officials, disabled people’s organizations, social clubs, and other groups to organize inclusive sports, games, and other leisure activities.

Success Story: Reema, the Dance Star with a Prosthesis