South Sudan | Armed Conflict Threatens Civilians
South Sudan

Armed Conflict Threatens Civilians

Since December 2013, South Sudan has been undergoing a political crisis, which has resulted in fighting and massive population movements. The number of internally displaced people has reached 4 million and some 2.4 million South Sudanese have fled to other countries. 

In February 2017, famine was declared in parts of the country, affecting 5.5 million people – that's half of South Sudan's population that will face life-threatening hunger this year. With so many people on the move and in need of assistance, HI is concerned that vulnerable people–pregnant women, older people, and people with disabilities–may be forgotten.

With your help, we can provide urgently needed emergency rehabilitation care, food kits, and other essential items, bringing relief to families in desperate need and helping to prevent permanent disabilities caused by malnutrition in children.