When bombs don't kill, they injure. When injuries don't heal, they cause lifelong disabilities. Stand with Syrian refugees.

Syria Emergency

Humanity & Inclusion is deeply concerned about the safety of civilians and humanitarian aid workers. Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Humanity & Inclusion's teams have been working tirelessly with Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq. Our rehabilitation experts provide vital care—physical therapy, psychosocial support, mobility devices, etc.—to injured Syrian civilians and those with disabilities. March 15, 2022, marks 11 years of conflict in Syria.

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Read our statement on the military incursion in northeast Syria (October 2019)

Read the "Explosive ordnance in Syria: impact and required action" report (May 2022)

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Humanity & Inclusion in the Syrian Crisis

Since the summer of 2012, Humanity & Inclusion has deployed rehabilitation teams and partners to help Syrians in Jordan and Lebanon. According to UNHCR, 6.6 million Syrians have been displaced internally, and more than 5.6 million people have fled Syria to Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, and other countries.

Now a decade after the start of the current crisis, Syria is bogged down in a bloody conflict that has claimed more than 450,000 lives. Fighting is taking place in residential areas, with no distinction made between civilian and military targets. 

In many parts of the country, health facilities have been driven underground, with scant resources to cope with the constant influx of injured people. 

Our Current Work

In the Syrian crisis, Humanity & Inclusion continues to diligently carry out its mission, which is to: 


Humanity & Inclusion helps hospitals and clinics care for injured refugees by supplying rehabilitation equipment and organizing physical therapy sessions for patients.

The organization supports vulnerable refugee families through distributions of food and hygiene items. 

Risk Education

Risk education teams educate Syrians about the dangers posed by explosive remnants of war. In particular, children are taught how to identify and avoid ordnance. 

Ensure People with Disabilities Have Access to Services

Humanity & Inclusion works in close collaboration with local and international organizations to ensure that services for refugees are accessible to people with reduced mobility.