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In Thailand, Humanity & Inclusion continues to run programs under the operating name "Handicap International." 

Humanity & Inclusion in Thailand

Since 1982, Humanity & Inclusion has been operating in Thailand, providing rehabilitation services for people with disabilities living in refugee camps and neighboring host villages along the border with Myanmar. 

Since the later part of the 20th century, Thailand has hosted countless refugees fleeing violence and political oppression in neighboring countries. According to UNHCR, as of July 2019, Thailand is home to more than 96,000 Myanmar refugees.

Although the number of refugees in the camps has been declining steadily since 2011 due to political changes in Myanmar, large numbers of landmines on the Thai-Myanmar border present a serious obstacle to repatriation.

Since 1984, Humanity & Inclusion continues to operate along the border with Myanmar to meet the needs of refugees.

Our Current Work

In Thailand, Humanity & Inclusion’s team includes 45 national staff members, two expatriates, and one volunteer along with 164 camp-based staff. The team works diligently to:


Humanity & Inclusion aims to improve access to physical rehabilitation and assistive technology services for people with disabilities by providing assistive technology workshops producing orthoses, prostheses, and technical devices.

The organization also provides physical therapy and occupational therapy to people with disabilities and advice to their families/caregivers.

Social inclusion

Humanity & Inclusion works to promote and improve inclusive local development in refugee camps by:

  1. Ensuring people with disabilities have access to services provided to refugees 
  2. Fostering their self-reliance and involvement in the social life of refugee camps
  3. Creating opportunities for children with disabilities and other vulnerable children to learn and develop in a safe environment 
  4. Supporting agencies to remove physical and attitudinal barriers, which prevent access for people with disabilities 
  5. Empowering people with disabilities through self-help groups to enable them to participate more actively in camp decision-making processes

Mine risk education

Humanity & Inclusion is ensuring that camp residents know how to manage and mitigate the dangers posed by landmines. 

The organization has also developed a database of landmine victims to provide better information to people crossing the Thai-Myanmar border.

Growing Together project

Since 2016 the organization’s Growing Together project, funded by the IKEA Foundation, has been working to develop accessible and secure play areas for children in refugee camps in Thailand, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. 

Our Past Work

Humanity & Inclusion has been in Thailand for more than 37 years, fostering a culture of dignity, access, and inclusion for ALL people with disabilities and who are vulnerable in the communities where we serve.

Read on to learn more about our past work in Thailand and consider investing in our future

Community-based rehabilitation

Humanity & Inclusion has established workshops in five refugee camps along the Myanmar border to manufacture and repair prosthetic devices and other assistive devices.

The organization also provides physical therapy for survivors of landmines, to children with cerebral palsy, and to adults who have suffered a stroke. 


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