Damage in Palu city center Sulawesi following tsunami and earthquake in Sept 2018
Indonesia Emergency

Thousands of victims still out of reach

The impact of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Indonesia on September 28 continues to be felt. Liquefaction, when saturated soil becomes liquidated, has engulfed entire villages, leaving more than 10,000 people injured and 800 missing.

Preparing to supply aid 

HI's emergency team is on the ground, preparing to supply appropriate aid to victims of the tsunami and its aftermath. "Our four HI experts have split into two teams,” explains Fanny Mraz, Director of HI's emergency teams. “One team is in the southern Sulawesi island city of Makkasar, which is home to an airport that can dispatch aid to the affected areas. The other team is in Jakarta, coordinating HI's response with the other organizations.

“The consequences of the tsunami, such as landslides and liquefaction, prevented rescue teams from gaining immediate access to some of the seriously affected areas.”

Humanitarian actors in Indonesia, including HI and its partner CIS-Timor, meet to organize aid for victims in Palu, Sulawesi.

Assessment of health needs

Despite these challenges, HI will soon complete our assessment of the health needs of tsunami victims and its consequences in Sulawesi, including rehabilitation, mental health, and psychosocial support. Our local partner, CIS-Timor, is analyzing the priority needs of those affected. “It’s clear that the greatest need is to assist the injured and to prevent the spread of diseases and respiratory infections, resulting from damage to water infrastructure.” Fanny adds.

Logistics challenges

"The situation on the ground is complicated and our teams face many challenges. More than 68% of health centers are not functioning correctly, which explains overcrowding in local hospitals. More than 10,000 people have been injured—among them, 2,000 have serious injures—and the numbers are rising. Because we are present in Makassar, we could provide material aid to victims very quickly, such as crutches or kits to cover essential needs.”

Humanity & Inclusion in Indonesia

HI has worked in Indonesia since 2005, regularly providing support to victims of natural disasters. Our team organizes disaster prevention workshops, and workshops to improve community resilience. Learn more about our work in Indonesia.


Photo caption (top of page): Damage in Palu's city center, Sulawesi following the earthquake and tsunami which struck Indonesia on Sept. 28.