Lumngen with Eian a cluster munition survivor in Laos

The woman who destroys bombs: HI deminer featured on PBS

Humanity & Inclusion’s demining team in Laos recently appeared in the PBS series Earth’s Natural Wonders.

Episode 3, "Surviving Against The Odds", features the inspiring story of Lumngen, a mother of two who decided to become a deminer with HI to help protect others from her father’s fate.

Lumngen was only a child when her father was injured by a cluster munition while planting in his field in Laos. "He eventually healed and went on to live for many years," she explains. “However, I will never forget what he suffered. My dad’s experience gave me the power to decide to become a deminer."

During the Vietnam War, the U.S. dropped more than two million tons of bombs on Laos—up to 30% of them failed to explode on impact. Decades after the conflict, Lumngen and other deminers still risk their lives every day to clear the land.

"I’m so proud of my profession, because through my job, people can be safe," she says. "They won’t lose their arms and legs. They won’t lose their lives."

Thanks to deminers like Lumngen, hundreds of areas have been made safe for farming, building schools, clinics and roads, and expanding villages in Laos.

How to watch

You can watch Earth’s Natural Wonders Episode 3, "Surviving Against The Odds" on the PBS website until Aug. 23, 2018. The part of the episode featuring HI's team begins at minute 11.

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