Typhoon Hagupit: assistance to vulnerable families


Typhoon Hagupit lost much of its strength before exiting the Philippines, but areas hard-hit during the weekend suffered considerable material damage, with more than 20 lives lost. Handicap International teams are focusing their efforts on one of the most isolated areas, offering specific assistance to people the association was already working with before the disaster.

"On Tuesday, we are going to take a boat out to one of the islands worst affected by the disaster to visit the inhabitants," explains Henri Bonnin, Emergency Response Project Manager for Handicap International. "The aim is to measure the extent of the damage and provide immediate assistance to the most vulnerable families. We will no doubt need more boats because the only way of getting supplies to the island is by sea."

In Tacloban, home to one of Handicap International’s largest bases, the typhoon's visible traces are already disappearing thanks to the concerted action taken by the authorities, the local population and several NGOs. However, Handicap International still plans to visit the beneficiaries of its existing projects to assess their circumstances. Three mixed teams (composed of a team leader, a shelter specialist, and a nurse) will be deployed across three municipalities to visit the beneficiaries. The aim is to provide health care where necessary or adapt the aid they already receive (shelter, economic inclusion) to their current needs.