A man woman and three children wearing coats and boots and carrying luggage on a brick walkway

Delivering aid to displaced Ukrainians

13 million people are displaced within Ukraine and surrounding countries. Heavy bombings are destroying homes, hospitals, schools—and have killed or injured more than 17,800 civilians (UN official numbers). We know that many deaths and injuries have not yet been recorded. Humanitarian needs are acute.

Humanity & Inclusion's emergency response is underway. Teams in Ukraine & Moldova include experts in rehabilitation, logistics, mental health and psychosocial support, basic needs, and the inclusion of persons with disabilities and older people. 

In addition to providing specialized rehabilitation services, psychosocial support and cash distribution, among other initiatives, Humanity & Inclusion is distributing assistive mobility devices such as wheelchairs, canes and walkers. A mobile mental health team is visiting centers housing displaced people. Humanity & Inclusion is working alongside fellow actors responding to the emergency to help implement inclusive humanitarian aid and ensure that populations experiencing the most vulnerability can access vital resources.

In Lviv, our rehabilitation specialists are caring burn victims and patients requiring amputations, as well as training physical therapists on treating conflict-related injuries. In eastern Ukraine, where the needs are greatest, our teams are distributing mobility devices and hygiene supplies.

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