Victim Assistance

Victim Assistance

For victims mutilated by landmine or cluster bomb explosions, the road to recovery is long and finding their place in the community again difficult. Healthcare, artificial limb fitting, rehabilitation, psychological support, as well as assistance with social and economic inclusion and support from local organizations, all ensure that the rights of people with disabilities are recognized and protected.

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In heavily mined countries, Humanity & Inclusion provides rehabilitation and support in the social inclusion of individuals. This work focuses on:

  • Training local technicians and physiotherapists to undertake the physical rehabilitation and fitting of artificial limbs and braces
  • Providing psychological and social support to survivors
  • Adapting the physical and social environment to make it more accessible to people with disabilities.

We also promote the rights of victims at the international level. We believe that resources for victim assistance should be integrated into all public health programs (vaccinations, hygiene, fighting against parasitical diseases, AIDS) and into social development actions (combating poverty and exclusion and supporting local social and economic development). Resources should contribute to the reconstruction and reorganization of public health systems, too often disrupted by years of conflict.

At the same time, we are active within various international working groups, dealing with future strategies and activities for action against landmines and cluster bombs. In particular, we belong to the group coordinating national surveys on the impact of landmines, and to the group piloting and coordinating action against landmines with the United Nations.

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