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Humanity & Inclusion in Vietnam 

Since 1989, Humanity & Inclusion in Vietnam has acted as a technical adviser in implementing projects that focus on the prevention and rehabilitation of disabilities due to war, accidents, congenital defects, and disabling diseases. Today, we support people with disabilities, the injured, and the victims of bombs, landmines, and explosive remnants of war.

The long Vietnam War, which came after two decades of turmoil following the decolonization of Vietnam in 1945, caused the country serious harm.

Today, the Vietnamese population still suffers from the after-effects of the war. An estimated 15% of the Vietnamese population lives with disability caused by injuries and unexploded instruments of war.

Our Current Work

Humanity & Inclusion’s team in Vietnam is made of 12 national staff and two international staff who work attentively to:

In 2015, Humanity & Inclusion launched the Advancing Medical Care and Rehabilitation Education (ADMIRE) Project which aims to improve the lives of people with brain lesions by:

  1. Advancing standardized medical and functional rehabilitation care protocols
  2. Building the capacity of reference centers within the Ministry of Health for persons with physical impairments including those due to brain lesions 
  3. Training health and rehabilitation staff
  4. Developing education programs for physical and occupational therapists
  5. Strengthening rehabilitation services management

Our Past Work

Humanity & Inclusion has been in Vietnam since 1989, working towards a culture that is inclusive for ALL people with disabilities and who are vulnerable. Over time, our work has evolved to meet the dynamic needs of the communities where we serve.

Read on to learn more about our past work in Vietnam and consider investing in our future.

Ban Advocates Project

In order to urge policymakers to prohibit indiscriminate weaponry and ensure that affected communities received appropriate care and assistance, Humanity & Inclusion started the Ban Advocates project in 2007. The project brought together a group of survivors of cluster munitions to testify on the consequences of the use of these weapons on civilians.


In 1989, Humanity & Inclusion set up the first orthopedic workshop in Hanoï. Later the organization opened two more orthopedic fitting workshops in 1993 and 1994, one in Dalat and one in the province of Dong Ha. 

Humanity & Inclusion also provided technical advice on disability prevention and physical rehabilitation projects.