HI staff assist a young girl who has trauma from bombings in Yemen

Dozens of students killed in bus attack

A bus carrying a group of students—all of which were under the age of 15—was hit by an aerial bombing on Thursday, August 9. The attack took place outside a busy market in Dahyan city, Saada province. At least 30 were killed and 40 have been reported injured.

Civilians are the main casualties of large-scale and continued bombing in the conflict in Yemen that has killed 10,000 people. Globally, 92% of people killed or injured by explosive weapons in populated areas are civilians. This is unacceptable!

Parties to the conflict must stop the use of explosive weapons in populated areas. States must condemn the bombing of civilians in any place any time and find immediate political solutions to end the use of explosive weapons in populated areas. 


Photo: Aidi, 8, has severe trauma due to the intense bombings in Yemen and doesn't move or speak anymore. Here, an HI physical therapist provides her with rehabilitation care at a hospital in 2017.