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Your Impact

Your Impact

Humanity & Inclusion donors know that difference matters. For 39 years, they've made it possible for staff (counting 4,250 in 2020) worldwide to stamp out exclusion, provide specific and general aid during emergencies, protect civilians from explosive weapons, and so much more.

Thanks to individual supporters just like you, people with disabilities and people living in situations of extreme vulnerability are able to live in dignity in 60 countries impacted by poverty and exclusion, conflict, and disaster.

Our shared mission

In 2020, our donors' gifts benefited millions of people*


individuals who directly benefited from goods or services as part of a project implemented by Humanity & Inclusion or a partner organization.


individuals who indirectly benefited from the effects of goods or services received by Humanity & Inclusion's direct beneficiaries.





*2020 figures. People may be counted more than once if they have directly benefited from more than one service or activity. Data don't take into account all of HI's activities.

The people Humanity & Inclusion reach:

Our actions focus on the most vulnerable groups in the poorest countries of the world. Generous donors make it possible to help:

  • People with disabilities
  • Vulnerable populations, such as injured people, isolated children, older people, or those living with chronic disease
  • People exposed to the danger of weapons during armed conflicts and in post-conflict situations
  • Refugees and people displaced by crises, conflicts and disasters
  • People at risk of disease, violence and disabling accidents

Critical actions

Our values


Our work is based on the value of humanity. We include everyone without exception and champion each individual’s right to dignity. Respect, kindness, and humility guide our work.


We advocate inclusion and participation for everyone, upholding diversity, fairness, and individual choices. We value difference.


We are resolute and bold in our commitment to developing tailored, pragmatic, and innovative solutions. We take action and rally those around us to fight injustice.


We work in an independent, professional, selfless, and transparent manner.