Chafik-Mia -36 -badly-injured-his-leg-when-the-Beirut-explosion-caused-his-kitchen-ceiling-to-collapse-on-top-of-him.-He-receives-rehab-support-from-HI's-team

Recovering from the blast: “I’m grateful to HI’s teams”

Many of Beirut’s population were seriously injured when the explosions ripped through the city’s port, including Chakif who is now recovering from a serious leg injury.

Humanity & Inclusion’s teams have been reaching out to residents of two neighborhoods—Quarantine and Basta—to identify victims that need help recovering from their injuries and the trauma.

One of the people our team met with was 36-year-old Chakif. He was in the kitchen of his home near the port of Beirut when the explosions hit. “The blast from the explosions were so powerful that the kitchen ceiling collapsed on top of me,” he says. “I was in deep shock.”  

Beneficiary assistance

Chakif is still waiting to have his leg X-rayed and is injury is causing him a lot of pain. He finds it diffuclt to move throughout his home and go about his daily routine. To help ease the pain and give him more mobility and independence, Humanity & Inclusion’s team provided him with crutches and an abdominal belt, as well as psychological support to aid in his recovery.

Physical therapy care

Once doctors have fully diagnosed his condition, Humanity & Inclusion will provide Chafik with follow-up care and decide if he needs physical rehabilitation to rapidly restore his mobility.

“I’m grateful to Humanity & Inclusion’s teams, who have assisted everyone with a serious injury,” he adds. “I hope the support that I have been receiving from HI will help me get through this difficult period.”

Humanity & Inclusion in Lebanon

Our teams have worked in Lebanon since 1992. There, we provide assistance to the most vulnerable individuals and people with disabilities and help ensure they are included in community life. We also implement demining projects in the north of the country where people’s lives are still at risk from explosive devices leftover from the 15-year civil war, which ended in 1990.

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