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HI operates with many partners inside Syria, providing rehabilitation and psychosocial support to people with disabilities and people injured by violence. The association also conducts clearance operations and risk education sessions to prevent accidents caused by explosive remnants of war. 

A smiling woman wearing a black headscarf holding up her smiling toddler daughter.

A Syrian woman, who was paralyzed after being shot when fleeing bombs, holds her daughter. | © Layla Aerts / HI

Our actions

Humanity & Inclusion launched its response to the Syrian crisis first in neighboring countries of Lebanon and Jordan. HI started conducting operations inside Syria in November 2012, before extending its operations to include Syrian refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan in summer 2014.

Today, HI provides physical rehabilitation to people with disabilities or injuries, including provision of artificial limbs and braces. HI also brings psychosocial support to people with disabilities or injuries and their caregivers, promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities in humanitarian action and supports people with disabilities through cash for work activities and livelihood inclusion. HI conducts clearance operations and manages risk education awareness campaigns to the populations to prevent accidents caused by explosive remnants of war.

Following the February 2023 earthquakes, HI provided rehabilitation and mental health care alongside partner hospitals and shelters in northwest Syria.  

Latest stories

Good News of April 2024
© A. Beaujolais / HI
Inclusion Rehabilitation

Good News of April 2024

In Syria, Nepal and Uganda: children are finding new hope thanks to their prostheses and wheelchairs!

Noor, walking her way back to life!
© A. Rahhal / HI
Emergency Rehabilitation

Noor, walking her way back to life!

Noor, aged 3, is a survivor of the earthquake that struck Turkey and northwest Syria in February 2023. HI is accompanying this vivacious and resilient little girl on the way to her refound life.

Syria: An endless humanitarian crisis
© HI
Emergency Explosive weapons

Syria: An endless humanitarian crisis

After 13 years of armed conflict, the humanitarian situation in Syria continues to deteriorate. Country Director Myriam Abord-Hugon paints a bleak picture.


Almost 400,000 people have been killed in the Syrian conflict which began in spring 2011.

There are nearly 13 million displaced people within Syria or in other countries. More than 14 million are still in need of humanitarian assistance in Syria and more than 4.8 million Syrians have taken refuge in neighboring countries. With the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing poverty, every day is an emergency for Syrians forced to flee. Access to essential services and care, particularly for those with injuries, disabilities or chronic diseases is very difficult. Obstacles to case-managing Syrian civilians include damage to local infrastructure because of the fighting, travel restrictions placed on civilians, and the inability of international humanitarian organizations to launch large-scale operations due to the current situation on the field, particularly in terms of access and security.

Number of HI staff members: 335

Date the program launched: 2012

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