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Good News of April 2024

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In Syria, Nepal and Uganda: children are finding new hope thanks to their prostheses and wheelchairs!

A little girl in a wheelchair in her classroom with her pupils and teacher standing next to her.

Anai has a congenital condition that prevents her from walking. | © A. Beaujolais / HI

Syria: Since the earthquake, Noor has been making great progress!

A young girl fitted with prostetics is making exercises with her physiotherapist Noor was just two and a half years old when violent tremors on February 6 2023 brought down her house. She lay under the rubble for three days before being found by the rescue services. More than a year after the violent earthquake that struck Turkey and northwest Syria, Noor is walking better every day. According to her stepmother, she is "unstoppable"! But what’s most remarkable is her zest for life. Noor now has her smile back and is gradually recovering from her trauma. Her favorite things to do when she comes to the rehabilitation center are shopping for little cars and eating biscuits!  

Nepal: Since being fitted with his prosthesis, Prabin is playing football again!

Prabin is almost 8 years old and his passion for soccer comes first in his life! "Even before school," confides his mother. Although still very young, he is a member of the local soccer club. He dreams of making a career out of the game! The little boy from southeast Nepal was born with the lower part of his right leg missing, but his prosthesis has changed his life. Now he can pursue his passion every day.

Uganda: Thanks to her wheelchair, Anai can go to school

Anai has a congenital condition that prevents her from walking. Her school is 2 miles away.  Before, the only way for her to get there was if her father carried her... so she missed a lot of lessons. But since she has had her wheelchair, Anai can finally go to school every day, to her great delight: "I like going to school because I like learning and I make lots of friends!"


Date published: 05/03/24


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