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Good News June 2024

Health Inclusion Rehabilitation
Somaliland Togo Venezuela

Good news from HI in June: rehabilitation in Somaliland and Togo, economic inclusion in Venezuela.

Portrait of Suhayb and his mother.

Suhayb is a 9-month-old baby who experienced malnutrition, but is now stronger after a few sessions with physical therapist Hamda Ibirahim Karsha. | © H. von Roedern / HI


“He has started to laugh and crawl!”

Living conditions in Somaliland are extremely difficult. Suhayb, aged 9 months, experienced severe acute malnutrition, which was delaying his physical and cognitive development. According to his mother, after a few sessions of stimulation therapy, he has completely changed and is regaining his strength!


Tricycles for greater autonomy

The lives of seven people with disabilities were transformed when they each received a tricycle. Today, they are enjoying their newfound freedom: "I used to have no way of getting around, I couldn't go anywhere. So I'm very happy now,” Essenam Komian tells us, delightedly.


Cocoa, the seed of union and sisterhood

Thirty women heads of household in the state of Apure have joined forces to produce cocoa, from the planting stage through to selling the beans. What do they have in common? A shared desire to learn and move forward together, benefiting their families and the whole community. They are now rising to a new challenge – building their own premises!

Date published: 06/28/24


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