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Inclusive education: "Imane now believes that nothing is impossible.”


Imane is seven years old. She has a hearing disability. Her family fled the war in Syria in 2018 and took refuge in Beirut, Lebanon. Humanity & Inclusion is supporting her.

Imane, in her classroom, using a visual aid to carry out an activity.

Imane, in her classroom, using a visual aid to carry out an activity. | © HI

Imane is a little girl with a hearing disability. Long excluded by the society, Imane can now go to school and is making progress, thanks to Humanity & Inclusion (HI).

Imane's disability

Imane was only four years old when she started to show signs of regression in her interactions with others. The family sensed that something was wrong. Medical examinations revealed that she had partial hearing loss in both ears. Her parents did not know the cause, thinking it might be related to the war or the stressful environment they were living in.

Imane spoke with just a few words, and her parents avoided exposing her socially because they could not bear people’s condescension.

Abed, Imane's father, works in construction to support his family, while Amsha, her mother, looks after the children at home. With the economic crisis in Lebanon, her parents found it difficult to enroll Imane in an inclusive education program. But thanks to HI, Imane is now going to school.

Inclusive education for children with disabilities

Imane who smiles. HI seeks to ensure that every child has the opportunity to receive an education. Imane has a personalized education plan with psychotherapy and psychomotor therapy. She has shown that she is a quick learner and has made great progress in a short time.

Today, Imane is more active and independent in her daily tasks. She likes to prepare her own food and chop vegetables with her mother Amsha.

"Imane plays differently now and enjoys interacting with Said, her little brother."

Abed, Imane's father.

She overcame her difficulties with motivation and perseverance. Her family is very happy with their daughter's progress. Imane now feels that nothing is impossible.

The program

The "Inclusion in special education of children with moderate and severe disabilities” project is implemented by HI in partnership with the Mousawat Center. The program is funded by the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) in partnership with UNICEF.

Date published: 07/26/22


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