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Long term support for the victims of the war in Syria

Emergency Rehabilitation

Humanity & Inclusion's teams are continuing their support for injured and traumatized Syrian refugees in Jordan, thanks to support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

5-year-old Mohammed having a physical therapy session, CDC Zarqa, Jordan

5-year-old Mohammed having a physical therapy session, CDC Zarqa, Jordan | © O. van den Broeck/HI

For the past 7 years, Humanity & Inclusion (HI) has been assisting Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon through physical rehabilitation and psychosocial projects. This year, HI is continuing its life changing work thanks to support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

HI is working in Jordan and Lebanon with people impacted by the conflict who have lost everything and need humanitarian aid to survive. Every day HI teams witness the suffering and trauma of Syrian refugees; victims of a conflict marked by the massive and repeated use of explosive weapons in populated areas. 

Physical rehabilitation services are a vital part of the journey towards greater mobility and independence. For injured people,physical rehabilitation can be the difference between recovering from injury or that injury becoming a permanent disability.

Here are just a few of the people supported by HI's rehabilitation teams in Jordan:

Ibrahim sitting with his two children
Ibrahim and his two children © O. van den Broeck/HI

During a bombing in Syria, shrapnel from a shell went into Ibrahim’s leg. He was transferred to Jordan where his leg was amputated. HI teams provided him with a prosthesis.

Hussein and his wife
Hussein and his wife © O. van den Broeck/HI

At the beginning of the Syrian war, Hussein and his family left their town, Dera’a, to take refuge in Jordan. For the last few years, Hussein, the oldest member of the family has medical issues. Thanks to the partnership between HI and a local rehabilitation center, the osteoarthritis in Hussein’s knee is now being taken care of by a team of physical therapists.

Mohammed and Manal
Mohammed with his physical therapist Manal © O. van den Broeck/HI

Mohammad, 5 years old, has a malformation of the spine causing paralysis of his lower limbs. For more than a year, the little boy has been supported by the rehabilitation team at CDC Zarqa, a partner of HI. Thanks to regular sessions with his physical therapist Manal, he is now able to climb small steps. He is also able to access and settle himself in his new wheelchair provided by HI.

A technician adjusts a prosthesis a Basma Hospital, Jordan
Adjusting a prosthesis at Basma Hospital, Jordan © O. van den Broeck/HI

Thanks to the partnership between HI and the rehabilitation center of Basma Hospital, the first department of prostheses and braces in the north of Jordan has been created. Located just a few kilometers from the border with Syria, the hospital is a hotspot for Syrian refugees. The rehabilitation center is therefore essential to support these patients, who often have lost limbs as a result of their injuries. HI also supports the rehabilitation costs of the most vulnerable patients.

Date published: 07/04/19

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Players of People’s Postcode Lottery are generously supporting Humanity & Inclusion's work with injured and traumatized Syrian refugees and our Stop Bombing campaign to protect civilians.

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