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Rehabilitation and mental health in Lebanon

Health Rehabilitation

Since June 2017, psychosocial support and rehabilitation go hand in hand for children with disabilities in Lebanon thanks to Humanity & Inclusions’s partnership with the Mousawat rehabilitation center in the Beqaa Valley. 

Youssef attends an occupational therapy session with Maya

Youssef attends an occupational therapy session with Maya | © Oriane van den Broeck / HI

A global approach 

Psychosocial assistants work in conjunction with rehabilitation specialists at the Mousawat center, in the Beqaa Valley. Every week, the team gets together to discuss their patients and share advice.

Children at the center have access to comprehensive rehabilitation treatment including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and psychosocial support. 

300 children supported

Every year around 300 children are treated free of charge thanks to HI. The organization focuses mainly on early intervention and follow-up care with the parents of children with disabilities.

Many families are beginning to return to Syria, and it is important, for example, that parents learn the rehabilitation exercises needed for their child’s treatment. 

Word of mouth 

Most of the patients at the center were told about it by friends, family members or neighbors who recommended the services in Mousawat. At least one parent attends each rehabilitation session.

The center also offers parents psychological assistance and a support group has been set up where parents can help each other. Having a child with a disability takes its toll on parents psychologically, especially in an environment where disability is stigmatized.

At the start of the project, parents were reluctant to consult a psychologist, for fear of being stigmatized by their community. Today, it has become common for them to request these services. 

Date published: 01/31/19


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