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Safaa, 2, starts to walk thanks to rehabilitation care

Health Rehabilitation

In Jordan, Humanity & Inclusion has helped 450 children with disabilities or developmental delay since July 2017. The parents of two-year-old Safaa, who has cerebral palsy, are among those who have benefited from its expertise.

HI’s voluntary workers assessed the needs of Safaa, who has cerebral palsy.

HI’s voluntary workers assessed the needs of Safaa, who has cerebral palsy. | © Oriane van den Broeck / HI

Life-changing impact of rehabilitation

Safaa, 2 years old, has cerebral palsy, which has delayed her psychomotor development. Following a visit from HI’s team, she now receives rehabilitation care, paid for by the organization. The little girl is also monitored by a speech therapist and an expert in special educational needs.

"Safaa does exercises with the physical therapist but she has trouble concentrating. She also has difficulties speaking," explains her mother.

Before receiving rehabilitation care, Safaa was unable to walk: "I used to have to carry her. I feel better now that her situation has improved."

"I’d like her to go to school. The specialists say she’ll probably be able to go to a special school," adds Safaa's mother.

Sharing information with families

As they do for many families, HI’s voluntary workers also provided Safaa's mother with information on the psychomotor development of children.

Through HI, she also met another mother whose children have cerebral palsy and who now go to school. It has made her more hopeful about Safaa's future.

HI teams focusing on early childhood

HI's mobile teams search the streets of Amman, Zarqa, Irbid, Mafraq and Jerash in northern Jordan for children under the age of six with disabilities or injuries. They then assess them and refer them to a health center where they receive care and developmental support. This program has already benefited 450 children since it was launched in July 2017.

Date published: 01/11/19


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