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Humanity & Inclusion is one of the leading organizations working on disability worldwide. We publish a range of reports, factsheets, and briefings on topics related to our work. These include disability, emergencies, explosive weapons, physical rehabilitation, health, inclusion and rights.

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A selection of our most recent reports are available below, displayed in order by their date of publication. Please use the filter tools to refine your search.

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WCPT briefing paper: The role of physical therapists in disaster management 03/01/16

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Situation of wage employment of people with disabilities: Ten developing countries in focus (2016) 02/03/16

The white paper is based on the results of a qualitative study of Humanity & Inclusion's inclusive livelihoods programs in 10 developing countries. The paper's goal is to increase wage employment of people with disabilities by providing employers with the best practices showcasing successful wage employment facilitated by Humanity & Inclusion and partner businesses, enterprises, and organizations.
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Disability in humanitarian context: views from affected people and field organizations 12/22/15

This report is based on the results of a global consultation carried out in 2015, as a contribution to the World Humanitarian Summit and is intended to better identify the changes needed for a disability-inclusive humanitarian response. A total of 769 responses were collected through three online surveys targeting persons with disabilities, disabled people's organizations and humanitarian actors. The responses show that persons with disabilities are strongly impacted when a crisis occurs: 54% of respondents with disabilities state they have experienced a direct physical impact, sometimes causing new impairments. 27% report that they have been psychologically, physically or sexually abused. Increased psychological stress and/or disorientation are other effects of the crisis for 38% of the respondents with disabilities
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Briefing paper — Humanitarian Response: how to include everyone? 12/22/15

Inclusion of persons with disabilities and the most vulnerable people in emergency response must be considered a core component of principled and effective humanitarian action. Field experience and observations indicate that persons with disabilities and most vulnerable people are often neglected in the contingency planning, assessment, collection of data, design and delivery of humanitarian relief, making them ‘invisible’ to relief operations.
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Bombs under the rubble — Study of awareness of explosive remnants of war among the populations of Gaza (2015) 12/22/15

This baseline assessment was undertaken by Humanity & Inclusion in October 2014 in Gaza.The focus was to collect baseline data related to the knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding explosive remnants of war contamination in communities impacted by the recent conflict.
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Healing the Wounds: Gaza (March 2015) 12/22/15

The Gaza Strip population was exposed to a long-term, and acute military operation for 51 days during the summer of 2014. The whole population was affected in one way or another. This report sheds light on the emergency response services delivered to the different beneficiaries.
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Kenya: An impact assessment of the armed violence reduction project in North Western Keny (Jan 2015) 11/22/15

The North Rift Valley communities suffer from high levels of insecurity. Armed violence is fed by the proliferation and use of illegal arms related to inter-ethnic rivalries, scare resources competition, and uncontrolled arms circulation. In Aug. 2014, Humanity & Inclusion launched an armed violence reduction project in the Pokot West and Trans-Nzoia Counties, focused on the reduction of the risk factors and armed violence motivations. Alongside its Kenyan partners, Justice and Peace Center and Free Pentecostal Fellowship of Kenya, we worked to enhance the perception of security among the communities, and to establish a way for the communities and security agents to both discuss matters, and gain confidence in one another. This report evaluates the impact of the project's first five months.
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Syria: Equal Access Monitor examines durable solutions for Syrians with specific needs (with HelpAge) 09/22/15

Durable solutions – including local integration and resettlement - have the potential to transform the lives of individual refugees and their families, particularly those with specific needs whether due to disability or old age. Moreover, resettlement is a crucial way that “third countries” can stand in solidarity and assist the countries that are currently bearing the brunt of the economic and infrastructural demands of sheltering the refugees fleeing the ongoing war in Syria.
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Disability in humanitarian context: Views from affected people and field organisations 07/01/15

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