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Humanity & Inclusion in Ethiopia 

Humanity & Inclusion has been working in Ethiopia since 1986, with a mission to improve access to humanitarian services for people with disabilities. Currently, the organization is working to improve the living conditions of vulnerable people in Ethiopia and to ensure the inclusion of refugees and internally displaced persons.

Ethiopia hosts people displaced by cross-border movements due to drought, conflict, political upheaval, and civil wars in neighboring countries. Since 2014, the county has become Africa’s largest refugee host. According to UNHCR, as of January 2020, more than 903,000 refugees are hosted in Ethiopia. 

The country's health services are limited, particularly those dedicated to people with disabilities, creating a need for assistance.

Our Current Work 

To carry out its mission in Ethiopia, Humanity & Inclusion employs 60 staff members who are committed to:


To improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, Humanity & Inclusion provides rehabilitation services, which include mobility aids, other assistive devices, physical therapy, and linking people with disabilities with other service providers.

Ensure all children have access to education

In Ethiopia only 3% of the country's estimated 2.4 to 4.8 million children with disabilities go to school due to stigma and a lack of accessibility, trained teachers, and adapted learning resources.

Humanity & Inclusion aims to develop schools that promote the inclusion of children with disabilities through a pilot project co-founded with USAID at six primary schools in Dire Dawa, Harar, and Jijiga.

Assistance to refugees & host communities

To prevent disabilities and mitigate the difficult conditions in the drought affected area Humanity & Inclusion is ensuring that the most vulnerable people in the refugee population and the host communities of Dolo Ado and Filtu districts have access to basic resources.

Our Past Work

Humanity & Inclusion has been in Ethiopia for more than 33 years, fostering an inclusive culture for ALL people with disabilities and who are vulnerable. Over time, we have evolved our work to meet the dynamic needs of the communities where we serve. 

Read on to learn more about our past work in Ethiopia and consider investing in our future.

HIV & Disability  

Humanity & Inclusion implemented a pilot project in Addis Ababa that ensures that people with disabilities across Ethiopia have access to HIV information and services tailored to their diverse needs and equal to the services available to others in the community.

Climate change, natural disasters & disability

Humanity & Inclusion started the REAAP Project (Resilience through Enhanced Adaptation, Action-learning and Partnership) to sustainably increase the resilience of rural communities to current and future climate change and natural disasters and ensure that the needs of people with disabilities are taken into account. 

This project:

  1. Raises awareness about the inclusion of people with disabilities in climate change actions
  2. Trains people with disabilities on how to respond during a natural disaster
  3. Distributes mobility aids to those who require them


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