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Disability Inclusive Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Resources and Publications

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for All: Disability Inclusion from Theory to Practice

A comprehensive guideline which explores key concepts in disability inclusion, inclusive SRHR programmatic approaches and technical areas of iSRHR
Publication Date: March 2022
Author: Humanity & Inclusion

Step Towards Disability Inclusive Sexual Reproductive Health: Learnings from WISH2Action Project

Publication Date: August 2021
Compiled & Edited by: Faruk Ahmed Jalal; Esrat Jahan; Md. Tareq Mahmud; Md. Rakibul Islam; Md. Mazedul Haque; Samira Naher Tazreen

Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Information and Services: Perspectives of women and girls with disabilities in Uganda and Bangladesh

Qualitative research that explores barriers and enablers to accessing SRHR for women and girls with disabilities
Publication Date: August 2021
Authors: Access... | Humanity & Inclusion
Research Author: ThinkPlace

Learning from a disability-inclusive sexual reproductive health and rights program (WISH2ACTION)

A compendium of lessons learned and best practices from across nine key themes related to disability inclusion and SRHR from the WISH2ACTION Program
Publication Date: July 2021
Author: Humanity & Inclusion
Other languages: French | Portuguese

SOP | Standard Operating Procedure on Disability Inclusive Family Planning and Sexual Reproductive Health Services

Publication Date: June 2021
Developed by:  Clinical Contraception Services Delivery Program;  Directorate General of Family Planning; Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MOHFW)
Drafted by:  Shirin Akhter, Consultant; DGFP and Chairman, Women with Disabilities; Development Foundation (WDDF)
Supported by:  United Nations Population Fund
Reviewed by: Technical Working Group on disability inclusive; SOP & Humanity & Inclusion (HI) 

Disability Inclusive Sexual and Reproductive Health (2020)

Humanity & Inclusion promotes Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) of people with disabilities and vulnerable populations in development and fragile settings. View the flier here.

Policy Brief: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Women and Young Persons with Disabilities in China

Publication date: 2019
Developed by: HI and UNFPA
Author: Dr. Alessandra Aresu

Chapter 19: When Sexuality Meets Disability: Experiences, Attitudes and Practices from China

Publication Date: 2019
Authors: Dr. Alessandra Aresu and Dr. Muriel Mac-Seing

HIV & Disability in West Africa: A Combined Analysis of 4 Studies Conducted in Burkina Faso, Niger, Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde (2019) 

(Only available in French) Humanity & Inclusion works to ensure that no one is forgotten. This research paper responds to the call of UNAIDs and ensuring that no one is forgotten in the response to the epidemic. This paper includes four studies which seek to better understand the situation by HIV-related situation of disabled men and women living in West Africa. View the paper in French here.

Seeing the invisible: Sexuality-related knowledge, attitudes and behavior of children and youth with disabilities in China (2019)

Young people with disabilities have the same right to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) as their peers without disabilities, but their needs and rights are often overlooked. The findings of this study, which was initiated by UNESCO and Humanity & Inclusion, aims to provide evidence to support decision-making by government agencies, educators, development workers and other relevant stakeholders regarding developing and implementing disability-inclusive SRH and sexuality education policies and program for young people in China. View the report here.

AIDS and disability: Just not good enough (2015)

People with disabilities are living with HIV. This paper explains why they must be included in virus prevention education, provided access to treatments, and rehabilitation. What's more, people living with HIV are not receiving proper rehabilitation care as the virus causes impairments. View the article here.

Inclusive and integrated HIV and AIDS programming (2012)

This policy paper describes Humanity & Inclusion’s mandate and values as applied to the theme of inclusive and integrated HIV and AIDS programming. View report here and brief format here.



Mental Health & Psychosocial Support (2019)

Since 1982, Humanity & Inclusion has worked in more than 30 countries to respond to the mental health and psychosocial needs of people facing humanitarian crises and/or living in precarious contexts. Our teams promote optimal mental health and foster social participation in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. View the flier here.

Kisumu County sexual & reproductive health strategy 2019-2024

This Kisumu County strategy outlays the principles, objectives and actionable activities that the Department of Health and Sanitation of the County Government of Kisumu, Kenya commits to undertake in order to provide the highest attainable standards of health; particularly sexual and reproductive health. View the strategy here.

Community mental health: Theory, practices, and perspectives (2018)

Mental health problems are commonplace and affect more than one in four people worldwide. They are responsible for a quarter of all disabilities. This document aims to provide a basis for exploring these concepts as part of more in-depth work, including an update of the 2011 mental health framework document. View the document here.

Protection Against Violence Based on Disability, Gender, Age (2019)

Humanity & Inclusion works to prevent violence based on disability, gender and age and its disabling consequences in development and fragile settings, as well as to provide holistic care for survivors of violence, exploitation and abuse. HI’s goal is to ensure that people with disabilities and other at-risk groups are less exposed to violence and can live in dignity, independently, and with control over their own lives. View the flier here.

Non-communicable diseases: Prevention and Detection (2019)

Humanity & Inclusion promotes the awareness raising, prevention, early detection, and care management of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) including cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes in development and fragile settings View the flier here.

Road safety: Focus on vulnerable users (2015)

Road safety is a growing development and public health issue. Globally, road crashes are close to becoming one of the first five causes of death, and non-fatal injuries heavily impact on disability. Indeed, each year, road crashes kill 1.25 million people and injure as many as 50 million others. View the briefing paper here.

Diabetes and Other Cardiovascular Risk Factors (2012)

This document is intended to provide guidance and a framework for each stage of the project cycle for projects tackling the theme of diabetes and other cardiovascular risk factors. View report here and brief format here.

Santé mentale communautaire et violences liées au genre dans la Province Ouest du Rwanda (2012)

A report on community mental health and gender-based violence in Rwanda. View report here and brief format here. (In French)

Mental Health in Post-Crisis and Development Contexts (2011)

This policy paper describes Humanity & Inclusion’s actions, choices and commitments towards mental health in post-crisis and development contexts. View report here and brief format here.

Diabetes Prevention and control projects in countries with limited resources (2009)

This analysis paper presents the ‘know-how’ acquired by Humanity & Inclusion in its diabetes prevention and control projects. View report here.

Policy Paper on Psychosocial Interventions in Lebanon (2008)

A policy paper that presents a design for a national plan on psychosocial interventions, aiming to develop and promote the national plan established during the July 2006 war. View report here.

As It Is: Research Findings on the Knowledge, Attitude, Practice and Access to HIV and AIDS Information and Services Amongst Persons with Disability (2007)

Scientifically gathered information concerning the knowledge, attitude and practice among people with disabilities in areas surrounding HIV and AIDS. View report here.