URGENT: Deliver aid to survivors of Middle East earthquakes.
Jordan Hussein

Aiding elderly Syrian refugees

At the start of the war in Syria, Hussein, 72, and his family left their home to take refuge in Jordan. In the last few years, both Hussein and his wife have developed disabling medical conditions and the family has struggled to pay their medical bills as they lost all of their possessions and have no health insurance.

Hussein has arthritis in his knee which impedes his movements and causes serious pain. "Since the onset of my arthritis, there are lots of things I can no longer do,” says Hussein. “I cannot kneel to pray, I cannot walk very far, and it is difficult for me to go the shopping as I struggle to lift things."

Hussein’s wife has a heart condition, and can no longer stand, so the couple is entirely dependent on their adult son.

"Money is our biggest problem,” says Hussein. “We no longer own a house, so we have to pay rent, and the medical expenses quickly mount up.”

Recently, Humanity & Inclusion has stepped up to help cover the cost of their medical care. Hussein has been able to attend physical therapy sessions at a hospital that partners with HI. His condition has improved as he has progressed with his PT, and he now finds it easier to walk. Life is still hard for the family, but thanks to our donors, the family’s burden is a little bit lighter.